Math Notes

Notes I’ve written from time to time.

I participate in the Cambridge Advanced Math Study Group meetup. Right now, there are three “streams”:

  • Set Theory.
  • General Relativity. No page for this yet.
  • Lie Groups. No page for this yet, but some notes.

Logic and Set Theory

Other Stuff

  • I participated in a meetup group that went through Leinster’s Basic Category Theory. I wrote up solutions to many exercises, plus supplementary material.
  • Two notes on Stirling’s formula. First, easy derivations of parts of the formula, culminating in a determination of n! to within a factor of √2. Second, some notes on Ahlfors’ derivation (in the 2nd edition of his Complex Analysis). (Post)
  • post on Epstein relativity diagrams, formatted for small and medium screens.