Set Theory Meetup

We finished the first two parts of Set Theory and the Continuum Problem by Smullyan and Fitting (S&F), and have moved onto Roads to Infinity by John Stillwell.

  • I recommend reading Pollard’s review of Smullyan & Fitting. The first sentence  perfectly captures my feelings: “This rewarding, exasperating book…”
  • My own notes on S&F: Notes on Smullyan  & Fitting, and on Forcing. The last section is my review of the book, based on the experience of going through the first two parts with a meetup group. “On balance, I found it more exasperating than rewarding. But it does have its charms….If I had just skimmed the book, glancing at familiar material, I would probably have a more positive impression.”
  • Some background notes on logic: Basics of First-order Logic. These started out as slides for a talk I gave at the Math for People meetup. I’ve repurposed and expanded them. These notes are not tied to S&F in any way.
  • Notes on Roads to Infinity.

The sets of notes are works in progress. Consult the date stamp on the first page to see if you have the latest version.