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The −1 Dimensional Reduced Homology Group of the Empty Set

Hatcher’s Algebraic Topology unfortunately hadn’t been written when I studied the subject in grad school, but a few years ago I participated in a meetup that went through about half of it. I wrote up notes on things I puzzled over, or just observations I found helpful. Here they are. Besides the homology group mentioned in the title, some other tidbits: a figure to elucidate the calculation of the fundamental group of the complement of the Alexander Horned Sphere, and more details for the intuitive proof Hatcher sketches of PoincarĂ© duality.

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Bundles and Laplacians

I originally started this blog to make available various notes I’ve written over the years. (Justification: the internet hasn’t yet run out of space.) Herewith a very short note on principal and fiber bundles (small and medium formats), and a longer one on the Laplacian on the cube. Also Three takes on the tangent bundle.

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