Topology Meetup

We’re using two texts as our primary sources:

The (tentative) syllabus:

Hatcher Ghrist
0: Basic Geometric Notions
1: Manifolds
2: Complexes
1: Fundamental Groups
   1.1 Basics
8: Homotopy
   1.2 Van Kampen Theorem
   1.3 Covering Spaces
3: Euler characteristic
4: Homology
2: Homology
5: Sequences

Here are solutions to some of the exercises in Hatcher.

Hatcher does not do differential manifolds, and Ghrist barely provides definitions (although he offers some nice examples). Two online sources for more info:

Also, the “phone book” (Gravitation, by Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler) spends more pages and spills more ink on the geometric intuition for differential geometry, than any math book I know. Especially the diagrams! Examples: pp. 55–58 for differential forms, and p.100 for the wedge product.